The United States practice launched a Boeing-made rocket amid increasing pressures with North Korea over their government’s atomic program. The Minuteman Iii is an ICBM equipped for conveying nuclear bombs. Originally constructed during the 1970s, it started off priced as $7 million. Today, its price tag stands at $40 million. The Air Force upgraded the missile over the years, including its framework systems. The Vandenberg Air Force Base directed the rocket launch in California. It sent the nuclear warhead approximately 4,200 miles to a test location somewhere near the Marshall Islands.

The U.S., THAAD, and North Korea

Colonel John Moss said the dispatch served as a vital demonstration of what The United States is capable of in their nuclear abilities. He mentioned that American missile tests are imperative to approving the viability and availability of the nation’s operational atomic frameworks.

A few days ago, the U.S. started introducing a hostile rocket battery in South Korea to safeguard against dangers from North Korea. In a declaration meant for congressional staff, U.S. Pacific Command Admiral Harry Harris addressed this new collaboration and that it entails. The THAAD framework, initially produced by Lockheed Martin, anticipates its operation in South Korea within the next few days.

As the world awaits, the U.S. Navy has already sent a strike assembly towards the Korean peninsula via their USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier.

American plans for battle amid congressional discussion

The Pentagon is the primary source conducting this whole operation. Their move comes after the White House scheduled a Senate briefing expecting to discuss their issues with North Korea next week.

The leaders of the conference are as follows:

  • Rex Tillerson, State Secretary
  • James Mattis, Defense Secretary
  • Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence
  • General Joseph Dunford, executive of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Senator Mitch McConnell requested for Trump’s political cabinet to continuously inform all congressional staff of any updates surrounding this future meeting.

He also issued a statement during a White House press conference. He stated that Kim Jong-Un is no longer predictable in how he chooses to escalate certain situations in North Korea. In every aspect, his administration stopped making the same derogatory moves that lured the United States into a transaction that concentrated on concessions. He believes Kim seems willing to risk any objection handed to him by the United Nations by engaging in his nuclear testing programs.

North Korea's becoming a severe atomic risk and a unique intercontinental challenge when it comes to Donald Trump. The president pledged to keep North Korea from having the ability to strike America with one of their nuclear rockets. Foreign policy specialists say Kim Jong-Un could have nuclear weapons ready for war in the city of Pyongyang by 2020.