North Korea has threatened to submerge the US nuclear submarine near the waters of Korean Island.

"The moment when the Uss Michigan attempts to move, it will be sentenced to face a miserable fate to become an underwater object that will not be able to return to the surface," the North Korea propaganda website said.

USS Michigan submarine joined the submarine USS Carl Vinson and a group of aircraft carriers in the waters off the Korean island, the Independent writes.

"Unbeatable military power"

On their website, they added that it is not important to them whether it is an aircraft carrier or a submarine because they can both be submerged and they will certainly be turned into a pile of metals "in front of their unbeatable Military Power."

North Korea conducts nuclear and other weapons testing in an unprecedented amount and it is believed that progress has been made in their missile development program.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have been high for weeks now, all because of the fear that North Korea could carry out a missile or a nuclear test.

Donald Trump said he believes the president of China is pressuring North Korea in developing its weapon program, and when asked whether another nuclear test means his military response, he said he does not know.

In an interview for CBS, Trump said he would not be happy if North Korea continued carrying out nuclear weapons tests. He also said that he believes the Chinese president won't be happy either, the Independent writes.

They carried out their last test yesterday. Testing conducted is banned by the UN because it is believed to be part of their quest to create a nuclear missile that could target the US mainland.

Testing came at a time of great tensions in the region.

Moon Seong-Mook, an analyst, and a former North Korean military official said North Korea could make important discoveries even on missiles that failed to launch, according to the Independent.

"They can test a variety of things, such as a thrust of a motor or a separation process.

Failure is a failure, but that does not mean that the launch was insignificant," Mook said.

Pope Francis reacts

Pope Francis also spoke on this issue and said "a good deal of humanity" would have been destroyed if these tensions escalate. He asked for a diplomatic resolution of the problem. He called on the UN to lead the negotiations.