Kathy Griffin's controversial photo taken by renowned photographer Tyler Shields is currently the subject of online ridicule after involving Donald Trump in their gory depiction of the US president. The now-deleted photo featured the plain-faced comedian holding up the leader's decapitated head.

'I move the line, then I cross it'

After drawing backlash from Trump's supporters and detractors, the TV personality offered her sincerest apology in a video message she personally uploaded on her social media account. Griffin acknowledged she "crossed the line" in the photo shoot and understood where the people are coming from.

She even admitted that her photo was "disturbing" and promised to take it down from her account. In her video message, Griffin failed to mention Trump who was the subject of her controversial photo. Shields, on the other hand, revealed both of them agreed to include the POTUS in their photo shoot session.

The photographer said the comedian told him that she is not afraid to "get political" whenever Shields wanted to. Although they knew that the idea will receive mixed response from the public, both of them agreed to give it a shot and even joked about leaving the country once the photo got released.

Despite receiving flak for their collaborative work, Shields thought the "fun" part of creating something like this is capturing the public's attention. The photographer does not mind being criticized for his works as long as his piece has stirred the interest of the people.

Trump fires back at Griffin

Shortly after Griffin offered her apologies, the #US president took to his Twitter account to condemned the comedian for her act.

Trump wrote the "Suddenly Susan" actress "should be ashamed of herself" for putting his family, especially his 11-year-old son Barron, in difficult situation. In typical POTUS tweet style, the message ended with the word "sick", followed by an exclamation mark.

Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr, also said he is not buying the comedian's apology which he called "phony" after "mocking the response she knew was coming."

Aside from the president, several personalities have expressed their disgust over Griffin's bloody depiction of the US leader.

Chelsea Clinton said the act was "vile and wrong" and added that one should not joke about killing the president.

Soledad O'Brien, on the other hand, branded the photo "upsetting and disgusting," while Anderson Cooper, who is a friend of Griffin, said he was "appalled" when he saw the imagery of Trump in the photo shoot.