Kathy Griffin is currently under the scrutiny of the public after beheading America's Donald Trump in a photo shoot session with Tyler Shields. In fact, even her colleagues were surprised (in a bad way) when the comedian uploaded her photo with the president's decapitated head on Twitter.

After receiving a surge of hate comments from Trump's supporters, the "Suddenly Susan" actress released an apology for the controversial photo. Although she refused to mention the POTUS in the video message, Griffin, however, acknowledged that she "went too far" and called herself a "comic" for crossing the line.

'Will you bail me out of jail?'

This was Griffin's question to Shields when she saw the outputs of their photo shoot session. The comedian even joked about moving to Mexico once her photos will be made public. But despite knowing the fact that the Trump photo will receive mixed response from the public, the TV personality has assured the photographer that she is up "to get political" for their collaboration.

Shields, who is known for his shocking creations, said he likes to create something that will capture the attention of the people. He, however, is not the type to explain the story behind his masterpiece. The renowned photographer said he would like others to interpret what they see in his photos.

Griffin, on the other hand, deleted the controversial photo from her Twitter account as promised in her video message. The comedian also offered her sincerest apologies to those who took offense of her "disturbing" photo shoot.

Personalities speak up against Griffin

Several personalities from the media and entertainment industry slammed the comedian and photographer for their bloody depiction of the US president.

Soledad O’Brien described the photo "upsetting and disgusting" and even asked if the people "have lost [their] humanity."

Chelsea Clinton shared the same sentiment and said that no one should joke about killing the US leader.

#Anderson Cooper, who is a friend of Griffin, also expressed his distress over the controversial photo. The CNN correspondent took to his Twitter account to say that he was "appalled" by his friend's bloody depiction of the president. He even said that the idea is "clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate."

"Will & Grace" actress Debra Messing condemned the act, while Jeffrey Wright seemingly asked Griffin to leave the country.