Kathy Griffin is currently under fire for her gory depiction of Donald Trump. In the controversial photo, the American comedian was holding the president's decapitated head while showing a plain face. The photo shoot was a collaboration between her and Tyler Shields, who is known for his bizarre and shocking photos. During the session, Griffin reportedly teased both of them should leave the United States once the photo got released.

"I crossed the line"

After the gory photo was made public, the TV personality, as expected, received a surge of hate comments from Trump's supporters and from those who find the depiction disturbing.

The 56-year-old comedian immediately asked for apologies in a video message uploaded Tuesday night.

Griffin called herself a "comic" and offered her sincerest apologies to those who were offended by the controversial photo. She also acknowledged that she has "crossed the line" and "went too far" and understood why people are outraged by the "disturbing" image.

The comedian promised to delete the photo (which she did by the way) and begged the public for forgiveness. However, Griffin did not mention the US president, who was the subject of the controversial photo, in the 30-second video message.

Freedom of Speech

Unlike Griffin, Shields refused to apologize for his work of art.

In fact, the renowned photographer insisted they did not intend to create something political, adding that he and Griffin shot other concepts aside from the controversial Trump photo.

The artist said both of them had no idea what to produce until the session came. But before that, Griffin has told him that she is "not afraid to get political." Hence, both of them agreed to shoot that controversial photo.

When asked about why they have decided to choose the gory idea, Shields specifically mentioned the freedom of speech which he said is "great" thing.

The photographer also added he has been thinking of creating something "timely" that will stand out from the rest. After coming up with several ideas, Shields thought the one with Trump in it has the potential to catch the attention of the public and he was right.

Now his photo with Griffin is all over the internet with thousands of people bashing it.

Despite causing outrage for their bloody depiction of Trump, Shields admitted he never worried that his piece would cause violence among the public. The photographer even added that the "fun" part of having this kind of creation is seeing people's reaction to it.