Hillary and Bill Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, strongly condemned the rape joke Rodrigo Duterte made in front of his military troops last week. Through her social media account, the former NBC News correspondent branded the Philippine president a "murderous thug" for his war on drugs that has killed thousands of suspected drug users and dealers.

'No regard for human rights'

Chelsea, in one of her tweets, slammed Duterte for his alleged involvement on extrajudicial killings which reportedly started when he assumed the office. The 37-year-old chairman of Clinton Foundation initially reacted to Duterte's remarks during his speech in Iligan City where he told the soldiers that he will take responsibility of whatever will happen after the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

The Philippine leader, who is known for his crass statements, said he will go to jail for his men if they ever commit rape in the course of the 60-day Martial Law. As expected, his remarks caught the attention of the public, including Clinton's daughter.

Chelsea said it is important to remember that rape is a serious issue and should not be taken as a joke. After these statements, Duterte fired back at Clinton during his speech at the 119th founding anniversary of the Philippine Navy at Sasa Wharf in the president's hometown, Davao City.

'I do not laugh at my own jokes'

The 72-year-old leader defended himself from his critics and said he was being sarcastic when he addressed his troops. Duterte even asked Chelsea and his attackers to listen to his speech and comprehend what he actually meant when he joked before his troops.

The president went on and specifically attacked Chelsea by bringing up Bill's sex scandal that happened when Clinton was the President of the United States. Duterte said he would like to ask the former reporter what she felt when her father was involved in a sex scandal with a certain Monica Lewinsky, a 22-year-old intern at the White House.

Lewinsky was first accepted to work as an intern at the White House in 1995. The graduate of Lewis & Clark College became a regular employee in the Legislative Affairs department. The two were allegedly in a sexual relationship between 1995 and 1996 before it was made public in 1998. Bill denied any involvement with Lewinsky.

Clinton was later charged with perjury that led to his impeachment in the same year.

After bringing up the issue, Duterte further asked Chelsea if she ever slammed her father for his previous sex scandal. The president ended his statement with a warning to Americans to "be careful because [they] live in a glass house."