The press has noted how the Trump administration is sending conflicting signals in regards to the Syria issue and whether Russia, Seen as Syria's patron, is responsible for the continued upsetting violence in the war torn country. This, as #Rex Tillerson disembarked in Italy on the weekend to hobnob with foreign ministers en route to #Moscow. The differing views from the White House are the norm for Team Trump, whose last two months have been marred by chaos and confusion.

The world reacts to shocking images in Syria

People around the world were shocked and saddened to see children, babies and other civilians being gassed by noxious chemical weapons that the #Syria' President Assad has not take responsibility for, but that the US blames them for unleashing.

Tillerson, on Fox News Sunday, remarked that the United State's attack on the #Syrian defense missile systems last week was meant to halt any future chemical attacks. The attack was described by General McMaster, also on Fox news Sunday, as a strong signal to Assad and his sponsors that the United States wont idly stand by as people are murdered. The attack has pushed Russia further into a tight corner with President Assad, the Syrian dictator that is at the center of this mess.