Even though the US sent missiles to destroy Syria's armed bases last week, and even though they dismiss the chemical attacks that took place, the country's main mission is to abolish #ISIS. Even though Trump seems keen on Russia, he is even more keen on making ISIS go away.

President Trump's chosen Secretary of State #Rex Tillerson spoke to Fox News Sunday about the US's number one priority: ISIS. Once that has happened, he said, only then would the US turn to a cease-fire process so that elections could happen which would ensure, he claimed, that Syrian citizens could decide what happens to Assad.

Differing opinions on Syria and Russia

But not everyone in the #United Nations and the Republicans Party agrees. American ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, thinks that as long as Assad is still in control and in the seat of power, that democratic election process is not going to happen. She said that Putin's former actions, point to the near impossibility of Assad ever leading a peaceful and democratic political systems.

The Russian challenges are growing thick and fast since Thursday's bombing. They angrily floated the idea of destroying the special communication line that the US and Russia share Syria air information on. And since the US attack, Putin is even closer to #Assad now, and many are wondering if Putin is angry at his being forced into a corner with the reviled #Syrian dictator.