President Donald J. Trump took to Twitter, explaining his stance on America using both American Steel and American labor. The President of the United States has been under fire for his use of social media, especially Twitter. President Trump has also been scrutinized about his many companies not using and selling products made in the United States.

In his tweet, President Trump stated: “ We're going to use American steel, we're going to use American labor, we are going to come first in all deals.”

Buy American

Throughout Trump's hard-fought campaign, he continually repeated how he was going to put America first in all things.

This included both safety and business. His latest tweet is simply him restating his stance on using American-made products and American labor.

Oklahomans react to Trump's tweet

“We should use and buy as many products made in America as possible,” Steve Russell, a machinist from Moore, Oklahoma stated in a recent interview. “That is the best way to get Americans back to work. We need to support each other and our country, and we should be buying American stuff as much as possible.”

Despite Trump's stance on buying American-made products, he has not always used American-made products. Many of the products, including ties for his clothing line for men, are made in countries other than the United States.

The use of foreign-made products did not change after the November election or the January inauguration. This has been pointed out, repeatedly, by both the media and those how to oppose Donald Trump's presidency.

“Trump should practice what he preaches,” Chloe Howard, a student at Oklahoma Baptist University, stated. “He should be leading us, the entire country, by example.

Why should I buy American things when he doesn't?”

Buying American helps

Buying American-made products appears to be an obvious way to help lower the country's unemployment rate, increase wages and improve America's economy.

This is not always possible due to the low cost of foreign-made products and the higher cost of American-made products. Until the costs are more equal, many Americans will continue to pay less for products not made in the United States.

President Trump has turned himself into a Twitter sensation. At the time of publication, he had 28.1 million followers. In a huge contrast to his number of followers, Donald Trump is only following 45 Twitter accounts. Those accounts include Kellyanne Conway, Roma Downey, Sean Hannity and several members of his family.