The Team 6 Seal who delivered the fatal shot to Osama bin Laden’s head in 2011 has published a brand new book. The literature retells the events resulting from the raid and reveals the key reason why no one unveiled images of the terrorist’s remains. There are certainly some questions over who fatally wounded the terrorist. However, many people claim Robert O’Neill was the military officer that shot the man in the head, opening it into a V-shaped form and killing him instantly. His book, The Operator, details his career in over 400 quests as a former chief of the U.S.

Navy. It was his duty in Abbottabad, Pakistan during bin Laden’s takedown seen as his most compelling mission.

The synopsis

In the book, O’Neill states that he and his fellow SEALs walked around a massive compound in search for the extremist leader. They went upstairs and vaguely found out they were up against Osama’s son armed with an AK-47. One of the Team 6 SEALs whispered to him. That’s when he stuck his head out and suffered a bullet wound to his skull.

The story proceeds with Robert heading towards the 3rd floor with his team. As they apprehended two females thinking they were suicide bombers, O’Neill fired shots at Osama bin Laden that instantly killed the al Qaeda leader. He wrote within a second, he aimed over a woman and shot rounds two times.

He also mentioned in his literary piece that the murderer's head split open then just as he dropped to the floor deceased.

O'Neill's publication says military operators needed to hold Osama's face together so they could confirm the kill with photo identifications. However, that and O'Neill's actions weren't the last mutilations done to the body.

Last year, two people stated to the media that each U.S. Navy SEAL shot rounds into the terrorist. His body had over 100 bullet wounds examined within it.

One of those people was Jack Murphy. A former Army Ranger, Murphy referred to that interaction with the terrorist's body as excessive beyond all reason. He penned to the press that the visual alone would more than likely start a global controversy.

It would lead to conducted investigations exposing other procedures and activities that a lot of people would do risk everything just to keep confidential.”

According to the news sources, the U.S. Department of Defense claims it couldn’t obtain videos or images of the event that occurred. All they claimed to know was that the body of bin Laden had been in Afghanistan so medical examiners could identify the remains. Then the body was transported to the CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson for an ocean burial. An armed forces officer delivered a well prepared religious remark on May 2, 2011, then slid what remained of the al Qaeda leader into the Arabian Sea.