A gunman along with an unidentified accomplice opened fire on police officers today in Paris. The reportedly terrorist-like attack resulted in the death of one police officer on the iconic streets of Champs-Élysées. The latest attack happened on the heels of several other attacks in the country, which has resulted in an increase in concerns towards additional terrorist attacks on an already on-the-edge public.

Sudden and unprovoked

According to the latest reports out of Paris, a gunman wielding a Kalashnikov assault rifle apparently came out of nowhere and fired on several police officers.

One of the officers was reportedly killed, while several others were injured. Following an exchange of fire, the gunman was allegedly shot dead by officers after he tried to flee on foot. The accomplice, who was seen with the gunman during the attack, has not yet been apprehended.

The shooting resulted in a mass panic of the people that were walking around the iconic boulevard, which is lined with high-end restaurant and shops. People quickly scrambled for cover as other officers arrived along with a helicopter that hovered over the scene of the shooting. Officers quickly barricaded the boulevard and began its search for other possible accomplices.

A confirmed terrorist attack

Immediately following the attack, President François Hollande sent out a statement and confirmed to the public that the assault was indeed an act of terrorism.

It was revealed that an Islamic State group has already claimed responsibility for the shooting in a recent post on a Jihad website. Officers are reportedly already conduction a terrorism investigation regarding the matter.

Latest attack could affect elections

Several candidates who are vying for the presidential position in the country are already involved in their final debates.

In just a few days, the first presidential votes will be cast, which will be followed by the runoff on May 7. Given the nature of the latest attack, analysts have claimed that it may very well sway the votes of citizens towards candidates who have expressed their desire to eliminate terrorist in the country.

Among the candidates with strong positions towards terrorism is right-wing leader Marine Le Pen.

The candidate previously expressed her tough position against Muslim immigration in the country. Another candidate, François Fillon, also expressed his mission to eliminate Islamic terrorism in the country during his presidential campaign.