The gun used to kill Logan County sheriff's deputy David Wade is yet to be found. Law enforcement is still searching for what is believed to be a semi-automatic handgun. At the time of this report, the exact type of gun was unknown.

Law enforcement officers are currently searching the area in Mulhall, Oklahoma where Wade was shot in the face and torso. They are also searching the area near Langston, Oklahoma where Nathan LeForce carjacked a woman at a local convenient store. The search area also includes the area where LeForce was found hiding in an outbuilding on Jaxton Road, as well as people across the country close to Guthrie, Oklahoma.

David Wade was killed on April 18. He was on what was suppose to be a routine call. He was simply serving an eviction notice. Nathan LeForce, the alleged shooter, did not live in the home and had nothing to do with the eviction notice.

“There is no such thing as a routine call anymore,” Bradley Simpson, a truck driver from Oklahoma City said earlier tonight. “Every time a cop or deputy puts on their uniform they are really putting a target on their back.”

The shooting was witnessed by the owner of the property. She stated she felt guilty because she was the one who filed the eviction notice - the reason Deputy David Wade was on the property. She also said she helped with his gunshot wounds and prayed with the fallen deputy.

Despite being shot at least three times, once in the face, Deputy Wade managed to return fire as LeForce fled the area.

LeForce's criminal history

Nathan LeForce had a long criminal history. He had been arrested for shooting at police officers in the past. He had also been arrested on domestic violence charges and kidnapping.

He had also been convicted of several other charges within the past several years in the State Of Oklahoma.

"I can't believe he wasn't in prison," Mary Carr, a mother of three from Shawnee, said. "Suspended sentence after suspended sentence. If the prosecutors and courts would have done their jobs, the deputy [David Wade] would still be alive.

There is no excuse for as well as people across the country,

The entire state of Oklahoma is mourning the loss of Deputy David Wade. Flowers and stuffed animals have been placed at makeshift memorials in several different places throughout Oklahoma. He is survived by his wife and three children. One of his children is currently serving in the military. He had only been with the Logan County Sheriff's Department for less than five years. Before serving in Logan county, he had been a police officer in Cashion, Oklahoma. Wade was also a veteran.