Donald trump is tired of hearing about his lack of accomplishments and today he let everyone hear about it via his personal Twitter account, Occupy Democrats reported. Trump suggested that measuring what a president accomplishes in the first 100 Days is a "ridiculous standard" and reveals nothing about their presidential term.

Trump isn't making good on his word. Period!

While it is true that Trump is being held to a higher standard for his first 30 days, it's own Trump's fault. He promised the voters he would accomplish not one or two things, but 12!

In fact, right after he won the 2016 election, Trump released a "Trump contract," which detailed 12 issues he would resolve within the first 100 days, including end ISIS within 30 days!

Out of the 12 items he promised, he only has honored two of them --roll back energy regulations and reduce federal regulations. That's it! And, let's be honest, both of those actions helped his and his wealthy friends' pocketbook.

The media won't report in his favor

This is a new one for Trump. The president's story used to be that the mainstream media is lying and not to believe a word they say about him.

His newest story is the media hates him and won't give him a "fair" review.

Trump has eight days to accomplish ten items on his contract. It's looking like he will have some explaining to do some explaining to do on April 29.