Let's face it; we all knew that a trump presidency would be hard on America, but the newest report proves that Donald is headed for trouble. According to Occupy Democrats, Trump's lawyers appeared in court on Thursday to argue that it was illegal for people to protest against him, stating it violated his First Amendment rights.

Trump's attorney fights a losing battle

Trump's lawyer claimed that protesters violated Donald's first amendment rights by expressing their disdain for him during the 2016 campaign rally. Apparently, the protesters yelled while holding up offensive pictures of Trump during one of the now president's campaign rallies.

Trump thinks that these protesters shouldn't have been allowed to spew their hatred for him, at an event that held for his supporters. Even though their presence was not wanted, the judge noted that it would be rare that by attending his rally, they infringed on his first amendment rights.

The case

The case was brought up by three protesters who stated that they were forced from a 2016 March Trump event in Kentucky. Apparently, according to court documents, Trump asked his supporters to force the protesters out of the rally.

The protester alleged that Trump implied for his followers to use force to cast them out of the rally. Of course, Trump denied the claim, stating that he only wanted them to leave.

Trump claims he had the right to cast them out

Trump's camp said that his request for them to leave was protected under the first amendment rights. The judge on the case, David Hale, stroke down that ridiculous notion. The judge felt that Trump knew that his supporters would use violence against the protesters ---and could have encouraged it.

It looks like the lawsuit will continue and could become a huge headache for the president.

The judge refuses to throw out the case

Hale felt when Trump said for his supporters to "get those protesters outta here," it was a command.

His followers acted and forcibly removed them Also; Hale believed that Trump instructed his supporters not to hurt the protesters was a calculated move. Apparently, the president claims that statement proves he did nothing wrong.

Hale also rejected the notion that it was the protesters' fault for going to the event to protest Trump's then campaign.

The supporters who took it took far

One of the supporters, Matthew Heinbach, is a leader of a white nationalist group. He appeared in court without an attorney. He asked the judge to remove any reference to his organization and strike any implication explaining how Trump helped his cause.

Hale refused to throw that portion of the lawsuit out because he felt it explained what led to the encounter.

The lawsuit alleges that Heinbach has no tolerance for non-white people or Americans who oppose Trump's regime.

Protesters had a right to be there

It's clear that Trump's camp isn't sure what the first amendment actually say, so I'll explain why he will not win this lawsuit.

A politician cannot tell his supporters to attack protesters, even if he said it in jest. He will face the consequences for inciting violence, as well as the supporters will be held liable.

In America, it has never been okay for a man running for public office to order an attack on someone who challenges him.

Judge Hale's ruling sends a clear message that the court will not allow Trump to get away with taking the rights of Americans away.

The first amendment allows people to have the right to speak their mind and protest peacefully without fear that someone will incite violence to silence them.

It looks like Trump and his supporters could be in trouble. Sadly, this isn't the only time the president has been accused of inciting violence at his rallies.