Sen. Ted Cruz (Tx-R) thinks Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA-D) could accomplish something that Hillary Clinton couldn't --- she could win the 2020 presidential election. Cruz believes that Warren could defeat Trump, especially if he doesn't honor some of his promises to the American people.

Cruz warns Republicans about being over confident

Ted admitted that he's concerned that the Republican party is becoming overly confident and they believe that President Trump will win re-election in 2020. In fact, he states that they are so sure that they aren't looking for another alternative candidate.

Cruz thinks that is a bad idea and could lead to a huge loss for the party.

Cruz added that if his party doesn't deliver any of their promises, he could see Americans voting for Warren, hoping for a change.

Could Elizabeth Warren win in 2020?

At first, it's easy to chalk up Cruz's warning as a conservative fear mongering tactic, but could the progressive senator win the presidential race?

Of course, it is possible. If there's one thing we learned from the 2016 election is that anyone can win if the American people get behind them. But, will she win? It seems pretty unlikely.

The Massachusetts senator may lose her seat in Congress so assuming that she would be a shoo-in for the presidential race is a bit of a stretch.

According to Washington Examiner, a recent poll showed that 46 percent of Massachusetts voters felt that Elizabeth should step aside and not seek re-election.

It's not really a secret that Warren has been eying the presidential bid for 2020 by putting herself in the public eye by challenging Trump every chance she gets. Will it be enough to secure a win for her?

We still have lots of time before 2020

Election day for the 2020 election is still long ways off. It's 1293 days to be exact. Trump knows that if he wants to win his re-election bid, he has to accomplish at least one major campaign promise. As loyal as his followers have been, if he doesn't get anything done, he will have a lot of explaining to do if he wants to to be re-elected.President Trump promised he would get something "major" accomplished in the first 100 days.

So far, all he's achieved a slew of executive orders.

President Trump promised he would get something "major" accomplished in the first 100 days. So far, all he's accomplished a slew of executive orders. It's day number 92, so the POTUS only has a few days before his first 100 days are up.

Trump's dilemma

In the past 92 days, Trump's agenda has been reduced to broken promises. First, he promised his first order of business was a health care reform ---which failed to get approved. Then, the promised border wall has hit a major snag --funding problems.

Apparently, the wall could cost up to three times more than he initially thought. Many senators are pushing to shelve the Mexican wall because it is too costly for taxpayers.

The Republicans have a major dilemma on their hands. They must get something accomplished, or they will be in a heap of trouble heading into the 2020 primaries --- Trump would lose the election, basically handing over the election to the Democrats just because he failed to get anything done.

Cruz did say that if the Republicans can manage to get a few things done that Trump promised, they can win the 2020 election.

In fact, Ted went as far to say that if the president honors one or two of his campaign promises that it won't matter who the Democrats dominate, they will defeat them without any trouble.

Do you think Ted Cruz is right and Elizabeth Warren could beat Donald Trump if he isn't careful? Who would you like to see face off against Trump in the 2020 election?