Unless Democrats and Republicans can reach a compromise on spending, the United States government will face a certain shutdown. In addressing the issue, Donald Trump knows exactly who he has decided to blame.

Trump on Twitter

In recent years, American politics has become so partisan that the possibility of a government shutdown is now a routine worry in Washington. Following the 2016 presidential election, the political divide among the American people and their elected officials has only widened, making "compromise" the ultimate dirty word as breaking from the party line on the left or right is now seen as betrayal, and could end a political career in the process.

With Donald Trump approaching his 100 days in office, he's gone through ups and downs, with various controversies hanging over his head. From the growing Russian scandal, to in-fighting with high-level members of his own administration, to some of his most questionable executive orders being blocked by the court, the former host of "The Apprentice" has not had the smoothest transition into the White House. With a government shutdown a real possibility at the end of the week, the president used his Twitter account on April 27 to lash out over the issue at hand.

Taking to his Twitter feed on April 27, Donald Trump decided to shift all the blame of a government shutdown onto the Democrats, while also dragging Puerto Rico into the equation.

"The Democrats want to shut government if we don't bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure," Trump wrote on Twitter, before adding, "NO!"

Twitter reaction

In response to Donald Trump's tweet, social media users were quick to give their thoughts and didn't hold back.

"YOU LITERALLY JUST TWEETED THIS THE OTHER DAY! STOP!" writer Jules Suzdaltsev tweeted out, before attaching a screen shot of a previous Trump tweet that was nearly identical to his latest.

"Just so you know, Republicans control The White House (that's you) and the Senate & the House.

Nobody knew governing could be so complicated," author Brian Klass wrote in response on Twitter. "Finish your morning dump without Twitter, wipe up, and go do something productive with your day, you small-minded twerp," writer Mike Williams tweeted out.

"Democrats can't shut down government, dummy. GOP controls all three branches.

If it closes, it's your fault," editor Alex Zaiben noted. The negative reaction continued in response to Donald Trump's tweet, as it was clear that many Americans have decided to blame the president and Republicans if a government shutdown were to take place.