As the 100th day of Donald Trump's presidency approaches, critics have been quick to point out the many low points of his time in office. While Trump has done his best to spin the news in his favor, others are not so kind, including actor George Takei who is never shy about voicing his opposition to the president.

Takei on Trump

Almost immediately after Donald Trump made his candidacy for president official, he received instant backlash from Hollywood. With most celebrities holding more liberal political views, Trump's remarks about illegal immigrants from Mexico being mostly "rapists" and "murderers" didn't go over so well.

In the nearly two years since the former host of "The Apprentice" became a politician, Hollywood has continued to push back, especially since Trump was elected over Hillary Clinton and given the power of the White House following his inauguration. Over the last 99 days that Trump has been the commander in chief, he's raised red flags over the growing scandal with Russia, in-fighting within his own administration, bickering with the Republican Party, as well as his questionable executive orders and policy proposals. After yet another week of controversy, the president is doing his best to put a shine of his 100th day in office coming later this week, but not before George Takei took a shot at him during a series of April 26 Twitter posts.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday was former "Star Trek" actor George Takei who made sure to troll Donald Trump as his 100th day in the White House inches closer.

"When I remark on how little Donald has accomplished in #Trump100days, it's with this in mind: The less he achieves, the better for us all," Takei wrote on Twitter.


Trump: If you are a friend to LGBTs as you claim, then speak out on the gay concentration camps and torture in Chechnya," George Takei tweeted out in reference to the horror being handed out to the LGBT community under the majority Sunni Islam nation of Chechnya. "He's 0-3 with federal judges on immigration orders," Takei added in another tweet, while linking to an article where Trump lashed out at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for blocking his latest executive order on sanctuary cities.

"Donald has a desk button that he pushes when he wants a coke delivered.

Hope he doesn't mix it up with the one that gets bombs delivered," George Takei went on to tweet. "No one trolls Donald like WH Photographer @PeteSouza on Instagram. Simple, elegant photos of Obama during his first 100 days speak volumes," he added while posting pictures recently released by Obama's former White House photographer.

Double down

Not stopping there, George Takei then hit back at the president over his tax proposal, writing, "Does anyone think the money corporations put back in their pockets after Trump's tax cut will go to anyone besides wealthy executives?" While Takei just celebrated his 80th birthday last week, the veteran actor and LGBT rights activists doesn't look to be slowing down his criticism of the billionaire real estate mogul anytime soon.