Over the last eight years, the biggest talking point used by Republicans has been their opposition to the affordable care act, or Obamacare. With Donald Trump in the White House, that strategy hasn't changed one bit.

Trump on Twitter

When former President Barack Obama was elected back in 2008, it was just over a year later when he put pen to paper and signed Obamacare into law. Since then, Republicans have made it their number one priority to smear the current law, while each year vowing to repeal and replace it with an alternative of their own. Once Donald Trump became a candidate for president, he made the repeal of the Affordable Care Act one of his signature campaign lines, promising to take action as soon as he was sworn into office.

However, Trump's promise has not yet been fulfilled, with the right-wing House Freedom Caucus failing to support the Republican proposed plan last month. Trump was so irritate with those Republicans who opposed him, that he sent out several tweets in the week that followed and even called members out by name. On Wednesday, the White House got positive news after it was revealed that the Freedom Caucus would accept and support the latest revised health care plan put forward by the Republicans, which led to the president hitting back at Democrats over the issue with an April 26 Twitter message.

Taking to his Twitter account on Wednesday night, Donald Trump went off on Democrats over the current state of Obamacare, while also dragging in Puerto Rico with his criticism.

"Democrats are trying to bail out insurance companies from disastrous ObamaCare, and Puerto Rico with your tax dollars," Trump tweeted out," before adding, "Sad!"

Twitter reacts

In response to his latest tweet on Obamacare, Twitter users were quick to fire back with criticism of their own. "But Trumpcare will cover everyone, be much better and much cheaper.

45 is a big, orange pyramid scheme," filmmaker Adam Best tweeted out, before adding, "what's 'sad!' is how the GOP wants to repeal the ACA and make 24 mil more Americans uninsured."

"So now you have disdain for Puerto Rico as well?

Why is this not a surprise at all to me..." Twitter user Roland Scahill tweeted out, while later adding, "I'm sure you would prefer West Side Story without all those pesky Sharks or that pesky Maria for that matter." "I am tired of my tax dollars going to your wife because she doesn't want to live with you," Brandon Neely wrote.

"Honey, 'and Puerto Rico with your tax dollars' isn't proper English.

And I know you think it sounds cool but shouting 'Sad!' is a bit...sad," TV writer Bess Kalb tweeted. The Twitter responses continued, and it was clear that those who oppose Donald Trump will not be backing off anytime soon.