Semaj Crosby was a one-year-old toddler who went missing Tuesday afternoon in the Chicago Suburbs. She was reportedly last seen playing with other children in her front yard. Calls to find her body spurned search parties which lasted through Wednesday night.

They suspended the search due to heavy rains. She was found dead in her home early Thursday morning. It is not yet what happened to her or what the circumstances surrounding her death were. It has been revealed, however, that her mother was the subject of a DCFS investigation at some point.

Semaj Crosby went missing while playing with other children

She was last seen playing outside with about a dozen other kids in her yard. Her family is now saying that they were outside working on their car while she was playing in the yard. It was somewhere in that time that she was supposed to have wandered off. This was when the investigation kicked off and search parties were put together. Over one hundred police were involved in the search along with bloodhounds and dozens of volunteers who scoured the area in hopes of finding Semaj Crosby alive.

She is found dead in her home

Late Wednesday night the body of one-year-old Semaj Crosby was found in her home in the Chicago suburbs. An autopsy has been scheduled for later today as police are planning to hold a press conference as well.

It is not yet clear what the child died from or when exactly she died.

Thursday morning the home of the late Semaj was surrounded by a heavy police presence including an evidence van. Family members were seen going in and out of the home during the hours of the search. It was a family attorney who let police enter the home late Wednesday night when her body was discovered.

The family has been under investigation

The family of the missing one-year-old Semaj Crosby had been investigated by the Department of Children and Family Services or DCFS multiple times. Among these investigations were four prior cases of neglect which turned out to be unfounded. There were two pending investigations which were opened in March 2017.

It is unclear exactly how this information will determine what happens next regarding the disappearance of Semaj Crosby or the fate of her family since she has been found. However, the family is involved with the fate of the young child it is no less tragic to the community which has been rocked by the events of the last couple of days.