The parents of two boys are today still struggling with the reality of losing their two small children just two months apart from each other. Two-year-old William Gage Roberts accidentally drowned after he walked off by himself and drowned in a nearby creek. His older brother six-year-old Ayden James, who was still grieving the death of his younger brother and best friend, lost his life only two months after William died.

Boys' father accidentally served into traffic splits car in half

Julia and Peter Roberts the boys’ parents are completely lost for words having no idea how they are going to keep their family together after these horrible tragedies that have torn their family to pieces.

In an interview with Inside Edition, the boys’ mother told the media outlet that she has no idea what she will do from here, She also said that her husband remains inconsolable as he is having a very hard time dealing with the deaths of both children.

According to the report, on that faithful Wednesday morning, the father was driving Ayden to school. The dad for some unknown reason veered off the two-lane highway into a ditch. He then tried to get back on the roadway, but overcompensated into oncoming traffic. Police officials in the small town of Borden, Indiana reported that the car that Ayden was in was sliced in half when two oncoming vehicles slammed into it. Ayden who was riding in the back of the car was rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Brothers were best friends - did everything together

The father, who sprained his wrist and ankle in the accident, blames himself for the death of his son. Additionally, the wife also said their spirits are broken and they are now wracked with guilt after losing both their children to tragic accidents just two months apart from each other.

Julia Roberts said her boys loved playing together; they loved playing sports and enjoyed each other‘s company. Roberts also said William and Ayden were best friends, hoping to find some solace that they will also be together in spirit.