Republican Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma called for President Donald Trump to apologize to former President Barack Obama for accusing him of wiretapping Trump Tower without having any proof of the claim. On Friday, March 17, Cole said he sees no indication that Trump's allegation is true. Therefore, he strongly believes the former president is owed an apology. Earlier this month, Trump posted an early Saturday morning tweet that Obama had his wires tapped in Trump Tower during the campaign. He called former President Obama a "bad (or sick) guy!"

No proof at all

Even though Cole is the first Republican politician to call for an apology from President Trump, other Republicans have talked about the accusation having no proof at all.

On Thursday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer defended Trump. He explained that Trump didn't mean specifically wiretapping.

It is strange that the president is sticking to his claim even after the Senate Intelligence Committee said on Thursday that there was no indication that Trump Tower was a subject of surveillance either before or after Election Day 2016. Even with all this, Trump stands by unproven wiretap claims.

Anderson Cooper speaks out

Anderson Cooper spoke out on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360" about Trump's claim on Thursday, March 16. Cooper did not waste any time or beat around the bush. At the top of his program, he came right out and said that the president has no evidence to back up his claim that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.

He said that the White House is standing by Trump's allegation even though there is absolutely no evidence. Cooper also noted that House Speaker Paul Ryan also said that he has seen no evidence of wiretapping.

The public is wondering how one president can get away with accusing another president of having done something so serious without any proof.

The public is also wondering why more Republicans won't step up and stop this accusation. As far as Rep. Cole's suggestion is concerned, people aren't holding their breath that Trump will apologize to Obama.