The Petition on Melania Trump has gained massive popularity and continues to do so with over 230,000 people signing the petition. In fact, this petition has become the most signed petition on the website ( this week!

Misuse of Taxpayers dollar

The petition goes on to state that "The U.S taxpayer is paying an exorbitant amount of money to protect the First Lady in the Trump Tower, located in New York city." The petition also reads that this kind of expense yields no advantage for the nation and should be cut from being funded and help relieve the national debt.

The petition has attracted thousands of comments and responses from people who have expressed their concern over the misuse of taxpayer dollars. People are questioning why money is being spent on Melania's security as she is away from the White House and the fact that this money should instead be spent on the healthcare system of the country?

Some commentators also suggested that Barron Trump should shift to a school in Washington D.C (which is the reason for the First Lady to stay away from the White House)

In fact, the Web page says that upon reaching the goal of 300,000 signatures the petition will be delivered as a letter to Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Although there is little that they can do, as neither of them is a part of the Senate Appropriation Committee on Homeland Security which handles the United States Secret Service budget.

Possible impact?

Although the petition has gained a lot of popularity with 230,000 signatures and brought the issue to the forefront, it still remains to be seen if this petition will have any actual impact because the Secret Service budget allocations are not subject to any popular vote.

The White House website also has a platform for petitions and states that it will review any petition which has amassed 100,000 signatures in 30 days.

But that still does not promise any action or investigation being taken. It is interesting to note that Donald Trump before joining politics had been quite vocal and critical about former President Obama's expenses and travel on twitter.