According to a new survey by Yahoo News and Marist Poll, more than half of Americans (52 percent) above the age of 18 have smoked Marijuana at some point. The survey also revealed that out of those, 44 percent still use it after trying it once. The poll includes a lot of factors relating to marijuana, like its use, regulation, social acceptability, family views, etc.


There was a divided response when asked whether weed should be legalized. Although 83 percent Americans support the legalization of medical marijuana, only 49 percent support legalizing it for recreational use.

People who have tried weed show greater support for its legalization, with 70 percent of those who have tried weed at least once and 89 percent of those who still use it, supporting legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Many U.S states offer marijuana to patients for medical use as prescribed. Marijuana usage for recreational purposes is made legal in eight U.S states.

Marijuana usage

From another research in New York, which interviewed 1,120 adults, it was found that 52 percent Americans or a population of 129 million people have tried weed. And 22 percent of those are regular users.

Among those regular users, 51 percent are parents, and 27 percent are parents of children under age 18.

Also, from those 22 percent people who are regular users, 55 percent are men and rest 45 percent are women. The millennial population consisting of ages between 18 and 24 constitute over 52 percent. 54 percent of which earn less than $50,000 a year.

The number '420' which is used to indicate marijuana, originated back in the year 1971 in California, when a group of high school students met every day at 4:20 p.m.

to smoke weed. One of the students passed on this tradition to a member of the Grateful Dead.

Attitude towards Marijuana

Attitude towards marijuana among Americans has changed with time. In fact, out of those 52 percent people who have tried weed, 65 percent are parents. Though marijuana is still classified under Schedule, I drug.

The survey reveals that Americans are not as worried about marijuana use as they are of cigarette smoking. The poll shows tobacco to be the number one concern of parents for their children. With 24 percent ranking it as the top concern. The second most worrisome for parents was the combination of marijuana and alcohol with 21 percent of people ranking it as the greatest concern for their children.