The first two months of the Donald Trump administration have been tough for the new president. Despite this, Trump attempted to lighten the mood during a Tuesday night bipartisan dinner at the White House.

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After just over 60 days in the White House, Donald Trump has faced the almost daily challenge of new scandals, and push back from Democrats as well as Republicans. From his failed "Muslim ban" executive order and recent attempt at health care from, to the ongoing issue of Russian interference during the 2016 election, the former host of "The Apprentice" has not had a smooth transition into his new role as commander in chief.

While this might be the case, Trump did his best to put a positive spin on his current situation on Tuesday night, as reported by Fox News on March 28.

Appearing at a White House reception for senators and their spouses on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump addressed those in attendance, while mocking how "fun" it was to be the president. "Nobody ever told me that politics was going to be so much fun," Trump said, while adding, "but it's going well." The billionaire real estate mogul then went on to claim that per his conversation with Defense Secretary James Mattis, "we are doing very well in Iraq."

"I have some very special friends in the room," Donald Trump continued, before jokingly stating, "Here we are and, shockingly, it's bipartisan." "I know that we will all make a deal on health care, that's such an easy one," he continued, stating, "I have no doubt that will happen very quickly." Trump's comments on health care come at an odd time, as it was just last weekend that he was forced to pull the Republican health care bill before a vote could even take place due to the lack of even GOP support in the House of Representatives.

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Donald Trump's comments at the White House on Tuesday night took some by surprise, as he put a smiling face on issues that have only become more tense in recent days. While the president appeared like he was in a joking mood with Democrats, just hours prior he was promoting the questionable conspiracy theory that the Hillary Clinton campaign was linked to Russia. As of press time, it's unknown how the rest of his presidency will play out,, but it's expected that it won't be getting easier anytime soon.