Over the last week, the issues between President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have become evident following the failure of their health care bill. As Trump and members of the House Freedom Caucus continue to butt heads, one host on Fox News is attempting to fix the problem and deflect the blame onto liberals.

Hannity on Trump

Over the last eight years, Republicans have made it clear that one of their top goals was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Whether it's conservative politicians on a national, state, or local level, vowing to destroy Obamacare became a prerequisite if anyone was to have success on the political right.

Following the election of Donald Trump, it seemed like a sure thing that Obamacare would be history, especially with Republicans holding the majority in both the House of Representative and the Senate. Despite this, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan, the former host of "The Apprentice" was unable to convince enough members of the House Freedom Caucus to support the bill, which has caused a rift between both sides ever since. On Thursday morning, Trump lashed out on Twitter against those Republicans who opposed the plan, while later calling out three congressman by name in the process. This issue was discussed during the March 30 edition of "Hannity" on Fox News.

During his show on Thursday night, Fox News host Sean Hannity did his best to smooth over the issues in the GOP by putting the blame on the Democrats and the more liberal media.

"So the Republican party continues feuding and the alt-left propaganda, destroy-Trump media, they have a new favorite talking point. 'President Trump is ineffective. He can't get things done,'" Hannity said, before attempting to defend the president's first two months in office. "The mainstream media, they want you to think the Trump presidency is dead in the water," he continued.

Hannity's plea

Not stopping there, Sean Hannity warned against Republican in-fighting, stating, "This is a danger that could undermine the president's agenda." Hannity then went on to cite Donald Trump's earlier tweets that were critical of the House Freedom Caucus, while describing them as "misplaced." "The president is clearly frustrated with this division in the Republican Party," Hannity said, before adding, "it's not the Freedom Caucus that is responsible for the GOP failure in repealing and replacing Obamacare." "I don't know who is telling the White House to focus their anger on the Freedom Caucus, but I think it's misplaced," he concluded.