President Donald Trump's new address may be the White House, but Barron and Melania Trump may never move in. Melania announced shortly after Donald won the 2016 presidential election that she would stay with their son in New York City so he could finish school.

Melania may never move to Washington, D.C.

According to US Weekly, Mrs. Trump will re-evaluate toward the end of the school year to decide if she will move to Washinton with 10-year-old Barron. An inside source revealed that right now, she wouldn't be surprised if Melania decides to stay in nyc.

Ultimately, the First Lady wants to do what is best for Barron because he is her primary focus.

President says Melania's absence is a 'good thing'

President Trump stated in an interview with David Muir that being away from Melania is a good thing. Although it is unprecedented, it suits his family just fine. He claims that since she is 200 miles away and lives away from him, it allows him to work longer hours, without the worry of going home to his family. Donald explained that it would come down to weekends, and to spend quality time versus quantity. Apparently, the plan is that they take turns making the two-hour trip so they can see each other often.

Marriage troubles?

Donald scoffed at the idea that his marriage was on the rocks.

Social media exploded a few days ago with a video that proved that Mrs. Trump is an abused woman. Of course, the video was laced with rumors and speculation; it implied that Melania cannot leave Donald because she would leave the marriage nearly poor. President Trump claims that any implication that his marriage is in trouble is "baseless and untrue." He stated that his marriage is stronger than ever.

As for why they are living separately, he repeated that it was for Barron 's schooling.

Donald said that the American people would see more of Melania in the next few weeks as she hires her team and begins her work as the First Lady. As for what project she will work on first, Donald wasn't sure, and didn't want to speak for his wife.

Do you think Melania and Barron Trump will ever move to the White House?