Melania Trump is renewing Divorce rumors over "reevaluating" a White House move. The rumor surfaced on the heels of a report in which a source told Us Weekly that the First Lady and Barron Trump may not move to Washington, D.C. after the 10-year-old finishes the current school year in June.

First Lady to remain in NYC permanently?

According to a source described as a "family insider," Melania Trump might very well stay in Manhattan on a permanent basis. The source claims that there will be a "reevaluation" at the end of the school year if the current arrangement will continue or if the mother and son will move to the White House.

The decision will hinge on what's in the best interest of Barron, says the insider.

The website, Hollywood Take, reports that this may be another sign that the president and Melania Trump might divorce. These rumors aren't new. The public continues to dissect the Trumps' marriage and their marital business has been under a microscope since Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States.

As the plan now stands, Melania and Barron will travel 200 miles to the White House on weekends to spend time with President Trump. They haven't commuted to the White House since they left the residence two days after the inauguration, but they will meet with him at Mar-a-Lago in Florida this weekend.

Plans remain solid on White House move

Is Melania Trump charting a different course when it comes to moving into the White House? A White House correspondent told CNN that it's unlikely that Melania will remain in New York City after Barron finishes school. The initial plan of the two moving to D.C. after Barron finishes school is still on the table.

President Trump and his wife aren't having marital issues that anyone knows of. It's all speculation and it will extend as the American public gets accustomed to the unprecedented arrangements that this first couple have established.

All along, Melania Trump has made it clear that Barron is her first priority. The presidential race was reportedly hard on the youngest Trump child and the last thing she wants to do is create more upheaval in his world with so many changes being implemented in the Trump family's lives.