The videos of a passenger being dragged off an airplane of the united airlines has been widely shared and has invited public anger and outrage. Which, finally urged the Airline company to offer a refund to every passenger on that flight.

The Incident

This incident happened in Chicago on Sunday. where, Dr. David Dao, a 69-year-old man from Kentucky was violently removed from the plane. According to the Department of Aviation, the officers who were involved have been placed on administrative leave, while a further investigation of the episode continues.

As one can clearly see at the end of the video, Dr. Dao is left with a bloodied face after being forcefully removed from his seat and dragged down the aisle. This occurred on the united express flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville. The ordeal happened because the airline wanted to board United employees and thus needed four seated passengers of the flight to leave.

After being removed from the fight, Dr. Dao was treated at a Chicago hospital for the injuries he sustained.

Soon after the videos of the incident surfaced on social media, it was widely shared and was received with huge public anger and backlash. In fact, the public has declared to boycott the airline. People in China and other parts have called out the airline for racial profiling and their violent treatment of an Asian passenger.

United Airlines' Response

On Wednesday morning, the company's CEO, Oscar Munoz, said that he felt 'shame' on watching the video and on how violently Dr. Dao was treated.

Munoz also went on record to express that Dr. Dao cannot be blamed for what happened and that no one should be treated in that manner. Though these statements come as a stark contrast to an earlier position and response of Oscar Munoz.

Munoz had said that Dr. Dao was to be blamed for the way he was treated as he had 'defied' the police.

This incident has made a deep and permanent damage to United Airlines' public image and reputation and amplified people's anger and negativity towards the airline. This had also affected the company's stock price which plummeted on Tuesday and was down 1.54 points from its earlier opening price.

In fact, just two weeks ago, the airline company was criticized for siding with a gate agent who did not allow teenage girls to board the flight at Denver International Airport. The reason that was given by the gate agent was that the leggings worn by the girls were 'inappropriate'.