It's only been just over two months since Donald Trump was sworn into office, but the Commander In Chief is facing non-stop controversy and doesn't know how to right the ship. A new report reveals just how paranoid the president is, while privately telling friends and associates that he might be in over his head.

Trump trouble

During the 2016 presidential election, not many thought the idea of Donald Trump actually winning would be a possibility. Fast forward to present day and the current landscape of American politics has been turned upside down.

From his controversial executive orders, to policy proposals, and early morning Twitter rants, the former host of "The Apprentice" has acted more like a reality TV star than as the leader of the free world. In addition, Trump has surrounded himself with questionable individuals, some of whom have been exposed for having connection with high-ranking Russian officials, which has only continued the speculation surrounding the administration. According to a March 31 report by Mike Allen of Axios, Trump is not handling his time in the White House as well as many were hoping for.

According to the report in Axios, Donald Trump reportedly feels "baffled and paralyzed" in how to fix his administration that has spiraled out of control.

Trump also allegedly feels like he's "flopped" during his time as commander in chief, with one source close to the White House explaining, "Trump is thinking through his frustrations."

Donald Trump's inner circle is also going to be without Katie Walsh, who has served as deputy to Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, with the report noting that she is "fed up with the internal 'Game of Thrones,'" and is leaving the team to help lead a new pro-Trump super PAC.

The report concluded by warning people to "buckle up," well sending out a warning, stating, "expect regular, sometimes violent, upheavals in this Trump White House.”

Next up

The "House of Cards"-like government set up by Donald Trump doesn't appear to be working out according to the plan that was first put in place. The ongoing scandal with Russia has revealed new information on an almost daily basis, while the president deals with in-fighting in the Republican Party, and a Democratic opposition that doesn't look to be taking their foot off the gas anytime soon.