A dog owner in Arkansas had a passion for the Dachshund breed of dog but recently was overwhelmed with having 47 of the animals. Anyone who loves the dachshund is devoted to the breed and can’t help but bringing more of these little guys into the home. They are attention-loving little critters with a yappy bark, but they make excellent companions. Having 47 little wiener dogs may be irresistible but devastating, trying to tend to the requirements of each of these needy little powerhouses. Although it is distressing, the owner who became sick and disabled was forced to relinquish all the dogs.

Forty-seven Dachshunds removed from home were taken in at a no-kill shelter

The disabled owner of 47 wiener dogs in Arkansas was forced to give the animals up to a shelter located in the area. Unfortunately, the facility who took the animals was not a no-kill shelter and the dogs, if not adopted within 24 to 48 hours would be euthanized. After being alerted to this issue, Alaqua Animal Refuge from Florida took in the 47 dogs, along with the Save Underdogs team. Mary Chris Murry, Communications Director for the animal refuge, told news reporters that they chose to rescue all the dogs from the local Arkansas shelter immediately or they would be euthanized within a day. They are thrilled to give these little guys a new chance at life.

Efforts of Save Underdogs and Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida

The dogs rescued from Arkansas ranged in age from young puppies up to about the pre-teen years. All the animals appear to be in good health and needing regular vaccinations before they can be adopted.

As soon as people heard about the dogs arriving in Florida, many showed interest in adopting the Dachshunds. Applications were being taken at the Alaqua Animal Refuge in Freeport. The facility takes great pride in ensuring homes for all the dogs that enter their doors. A technician at the refuge, Alissa Parsons, stated that several dogs remained at the facility for years because they stay until they find a home. The update by the Save Underdogs team is that no more applications are being accepted for the adoption of the 47 dachshunds since the interest in giving them a permanent home is overwhelming.