Republican efforts to abolish the #affordable care act was well under way on Thursday morning as two House committees approved sweeping legislation to rescind the law.

Many Republicans want to substitute what is known as #Obamacare with a system of tax credits that many claim will lead to the poorest having to pay more for their healthcare, and a rise in the uninsured. Also, Medicaid will, if Republicans get their way, be rolled back in most parts of the country.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee took 72 hours to pull a party-line vote of 31 to 23 to endorse the new legislation early Thursday morning.

The House Budget Committee is expected to give its approval next week before a concluding House vote planned by #Speaker Paul Ryan for the week of March 20. And #Republicans were seen to be fulfilling their political promise to destroy a law that they claimed had relinquished damage on America.

Democrats took aim at the Republicans

Democrats disagreed, and claimed that the Republican bill would take much-needed and lifesaving insurance away from millions of Americans, increasing costs for people and making healthcare a challenging part of American life. A growing number of senators, medical providers and even some conservatives stepped forward to support the Democratic Point Of View.

But the most noticeable disagreement was actually coming from within the Republican party itself, since the health care issue has seen a rise in #Republican in-fighting this week.

A swathe of interest groups, jockeying radio hosts and online alt-right agitators have been stepping forward to denounce the Republican leadership on this issue. Some called the healthcare overhaul “Swampcare,” whilst the Breitbart alt-right publication called it “Obamacare 2.0".

The powerful billionaire #Koch brothers came out decisively against the bill, with their many special interest and political groups falling into line with the Koch point of view.

Some of these groups threatened to punish responsible lawmakers by underscoring them on the influential “scorecards” that they distribute to voters. Other activists flocked to Capitol Hill and demanded that #Congress take a more aggressive approach and completely destroy the Affordable Care Act.

The Party of No keeps shaking in disagreement

The conflict growing in the Republican party has many talking about a divisive split in the party that could force an uncomfortable reckoning. Many #conservatives are asking why they are fighting each other when they have near unanimous power in the houses of Congress and the White House.

Even President Trump wondered at the in-party outrage – and asked leaders of some conservative groups to tone it down on Wednesday at a meeting in the Oval Office. Officials said there was a lot of venting by troubled Republicans who thought the new bill would look like '#Obamacare lite'.

Accoring the New York Times, Trump was anticipating trouble in the Senate, where moderate and conservative Republicans are opposing the plan for numerous reasons.

He is planning on the sort of stadium-style rallies he had during his campaign to influence hold-out senators and those sitting on the fence.

And what's surprising is that a #unified government should actually make it easier for Republicans to get along. Unlike the Obama years, when the more right wing Republicans bought down a House speaker and defeated a majority leader, this was meant to be a time of relative equanimity in the party.

But perhaps for a party that has been described as the #Party of No, it seems like getting to Yes is becoming increasingly more difficult.