Numerous schools in at least four states were closed on Wednesday according to Fox News, so that female teachers could participate in the A Day Without A Woman strike.

The Murdoch-owned media conglomerate described the protest organizers as 'urging female works' to stay at home, and sought out critics of the protest to reference.

Biased reporting

Whilst other less biased news agencies reported on the day whilst referencing and grappling with the objectives of the movement, Fox News pitched the whole event as a burden on the working population. They did this by referencing women protestors as female workers and emphasizing the negatives, namely bringing politics into the classroom.

It's not new that the news outlet is right-biased, but it is always shocking to see a supposedly trusted main news outlet placing such a point of view on the news. No wonder Trump likes Fox so much, and doesn't describe it as one of the fake news outlets.

On Capitol Hill, many women sought to wear red in backing of the protest. It was expected that Democrat women would also walk out of the Senate and the House to voice their protests, something Fox News didn't report.