For about an hour on Tuesday night, both a metaphorical and real shroud of darkness descended upon the #Statue Of Liberty.

And what Perfect Timing.

The next day was the national #A Day Without A Woman protest, and the movement colored the nation in a sea of red clothes (women were asked to wear red if they couldn't attend a march), empty offices and a national emphasis on how we don't value women's contributions to society.

The #Statue of Liberty's flaming golden torch shone out as the rest of her foundational lighting switched off at around 11 pm.

A flame of female determination and illumination shone out against a cold March sea of darkness.

Twitter users described the timing as “just too perfect" and “an ominous sign of the times.”

The blackout of the #United State's symbol of freedom was given great meaning on the internet., with two interpretations taking form.

Lady Liberty was in a state of protest over the travel ban that limits entry to six #Muslim Majority countries.

Or she was broadcasting her solidarity with the #A Day Without A Woman protest.