On Thursday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer got into a heated exchange with members of the media while continuing to defend Donald Trump and his wiretapping conspiracy. After Spicer gave his defense, one host on CNN had heard enough.

CNN on wiretapping

Over the course of his entire year and a half campaign for president, Donald Trump made comments that left many in the media and across the country dumbfounded. Whether it was insulting his political opponents, making a controversial policy proposal, or ranting on Twitter, the former host of "The Apprentice" never held back his thoughts.

After Trump accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower in an attempt to spy on him during the election, the media called for evidence to back up the claim. However, the White House has since failed to do so, even while standing by their story. As seen during a March 16 segment on CNN, Jake Tapper decided to give his thoughts.

(Tapper's flat-earth comments come at 5:30 in the above video.)

While being joined by network contributors Manu Raju and Jeff Zeleny, CNN host Jake Tapper ripped into Donald Trump and Sean Spicer of the administration's constant defense of the baseless wiretapping allegations. "It's been almost two weeks...since this wild and apparently baseless claim has been made and the White House has gone through several responses," Tapper said, before explaining how the administration has continued to change their story on an almost daily basis.

"Now we have this anger from Sean Spicer, who cannot defend the indefensible so he’s trying to change exactly what happened," Jake Tapper said, in relation to the most recent press briefing at the White House.

As the panel all came into agreement that Trump and Spicer are pushing a false story, Tapper remarked, "It's amazing to watch the White House continue to argue that the Earth is flat."

Moving forward

Donald Trump never gave any proof to validate his allegation, which resulted in Barack Obama quickly denying the claims in a statement released shortly after. With even Republicans pushing back, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, only time will tell how long the billionaire real estate mogul and his team defend the conspiracy in question.