The president's budget proposal will be a wish list come true for few and a devastating nightmare for many. With a plan showing more losers than winners, millions of people will be forced to brace themselves for decisions of mercy made by Congress. Considering the top three potential monetary winners, it's clear that trump's main focus is centered around an Armageddon-like preparation with another eye on preventing mass criminal immigrant invasions. Money spent to sooth fear and paranoia.

The possible winners of a budget increase

Trump wants to grant the Pentagon a ten percent increase, adding $52 billion in military spending for personnel, equipment and capability, with an addition $2 billion toward nuclear weapons.

There is a proposed 6.8 percent increase for Homeland Security, for which much of it will be earmarked for kick-starting the border wall. Trump wants $314 million for hiring 1,500 immigration enforcement and border patrol agents. He wants to grow the National Nuclear Security Administration by 11.3 percent or $1.4 billion. The budget proposal is asking for $1.4 billion to expand school choice programs even though the Department of Education's overall budget would be cut by 13 percent. There is also a request to give a much needed boost to Veterans Affairs by 5.9 percent and a $500 million increase to Health and Human Services for opioid prevention and treatment.

A chopping block of losers

On the flip side, numerous agencies and programs would be on the brink of losing funds, employees and/or becoming extinct.

The EPA will be faced with a 31.4 percent cut, plus programs to clean up Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes getting demolished. Health and Human Services is looking at the largest dollar cut at $12.6 billion. A good chunk would come from the National Institutes of Health, the agency that does research on diseases and disorders.

Moreover, there is a specific call to gut a division which concentrates on global health. Aside from taking more than a 20 percent cut, the Labor Department would be expected to eliminate a program that helps people 55 and older find jobs.

There is also a plan to eliminate grants at the Commerce Department that includes a program which helps coastal communities deal with invasive species and maintain fisheries and clean water.

Also facing the ax: the Economic Development Administration which attracts private investments and the Minority Business Development agency wherein minority business owners receive help in getting their operations up and growing. Before and after school programs, along with summer programs would be a thing of the past. Several more agencies and things like nursing programs, Meals on Wheels, and low-income heating assistance for the elderly are also caught in Donald Trump's crossfire. More than likely, Congress will view much of it as reckless. Maybe.