On Wednesday night, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked Donald Trump's latest attempt at a travel ban. The reactions fell down party lines, which was evident on the latest episode of "The View."

"The View" on Trump

Not long after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, he signed off an executive order that banned travel to and from seven majority-Muslim countries in the Middle East. The order was labeled a "Muslim ban" and received heavy backlash from critics of the former host of "The Apprentice." Despite defiance from the president, the ban in question hit its final wall when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against it.

In retaliation, Trump signed off on what he describes as a second "watered-down" ban, which was also shot-down by a judge on Wednesday night. This issue was a hot topic during the March 16 edition of "The View."

After playing a clip of Donald Trump vowing to take his travel ban to the Supreme Court, "The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg hit back. "The Supreme Court is gonna tell you the same thing," Goldberg said, before adding, "they are gonna look and say listen." Goldberg went on to say that Trump needs to start doing things "under the law," noting "You can't just get rid of people because you don't like their region or their skin color."

Fellow co-host Sonny Hostin also piled on, pointing out that, despite Trump's rhetoric, numerous judges can't be wrong.

Hostin also went on to cite that the Donald Trump administration had referred to the executive order as a "Muslim ban" in the past, while they try to push back on the claim in present day.

At this point, co-host Jedediah Bila tried to defend the travel banning, referencing the importance of the "screening process." When co-host Joe Behar asked why a country like Saudi Arabia wasn't on the ban list, Bila argued that their government "cooperates" with the United States.

In response, Hostin shouted, "That's where the terrorists came from, Jed on 9/11!" before adding, "That’s where they came from, if you want to ban anyone, ban that country!"

Next up

While the travel ban continues to divide the American people, Donald Trump doesn't look to be backing down from his executive order anytime soon. Though Trump said during his recent rally that he plans to take his order to the Supreme Court, the White House has not offered an offical comment.