Are you wondering what will happen to President Obama's signature health care law? Well, now it is finalized! President-elect Donald J. Trump and his administration will repeal the Affordable Care Act, on his first day in the Oval Office.

Mike Pence, the Vice President-elect held a meeting today with House Republicans where he outlined Trump's plan to use an executive order to dismantle the Democrat's signature health care plan. This will be the party's first major policy change, therefore, the Vice President-elect advised senators to politically use 'caution and care' to divert the failed Obamacare health plan back to President Obama and the Democrats.

Trump to repeal Obamacare Health Plan

Republicans are sending a very clear message - with Trump and Pence swiftly moving to repeal the most iconic policy of the eight years led by President Barack Obama. The GOP will lay the heat squarely on the Democratic Party for the 'failure' of the health care law.

However, the move was already expected to be announced shortly to the American people as Donald J. Trump had sent out a few tweets on his favorite social media platform. On Twitter, he also posted that the Democrats are solely responsible for all the issues with Obamacare.

Trump's repeal set to cause 'political war'

House Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer (Dem-NY) responded saying that the Republicans should try to fix the problems found in the health care plan rather than totally demolish the plan that had offered a solution for the nation's skyrocketing health care cost. Schumer's response was a clear indication of the Democrat's stance on the issue.

The Senator also noted that repealing the health bill will ensure a 'political war' on Capitol Hill.

President-elect Donald J. Trump response came in his renowned witty style. The President-elect said, " We shouldn't let Schumer's clowns run out of this hole."

Budget allocation will cut the Affordable Care Plan

Reports coming out of the GOP camp highlighted that the party will use the powerful federal tool called the Reconciliation Act.

This will essentially target the budget allocation resulting in a faster repeal of the law before the Democrats can react and counter the Republican's action against the Affordable Care Act Health Plan.