Four people have been arrested over a Facebook Live video in which a special needs teenager was held hostage and tortured at knife-point.

What happened within the controversial video?

Reportedly, the eighteen-year-old victim, whose identity has not been made known to the public, was held captive within in an apartment on the 3400 block of West Lexington of Chicago's West Side.

Shown to be bound and gagged at various points, with arms tied and mouth taped shut, the victim was shown to be physical assaulted, including being punched, kicked, and mutilated with a knife.

The assailants also cut the victim’s hair, in addition to bleeding his scalp. At one point, the victim was also forced to drink water from a toilet. The teen’s clothing had also been damaged and was at one point the victim was threatened with being stripped naked during the live-stream.

The offenders had reportedly been acquaintances of the victim and had known him from school. It is speculated at this time that what had happened could have been a kidnapping, but it is unconfirmed at this time. It is also believed the offenders stole a van to take the victim to Chicago.

The video, which had been posted by a woman identified as Brittany Herring, has been taken down from social media as of this writing.

What happens now?

According to reports, police became aware of the video this past Wednesday, a day after the incident had occurred, although they had previously found the victim himself released onto the streets beforehand. They had also been altered by a battery report from a nearby residence. It is believed that the victim was held captive for about two days before being released, as his parents last saw him on December 31.

The four attackers that appeared within the video have all been placed into police custody, according to reports, and they are expected to receive formal charges within 24 hours.

As the victim had special needs, there is speculation that the offenders could be charged with committing a hate crime. While political comments could be heard within the video, police have come out and said they have no reason to believe that the attack was politically motivated, and the investigation is said to be ongoing.

The victim has been treated for his injuries after being placed in a hospital and has been since released into the custody of his parents, according to reports.