President-elect Donald Trump will soon get inaugurated as the 45th President of United States in a grand ceremony in Washington DC on Jan 20, 2017, at 10:00 AM ET. The festivities shall begin at 8:00 Am but swearing in takes place at 10:00 AM.

Live updates:

- Donald Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States,

- Trump heads for the inauguration

- Obama leaves the White House for the last time

- The Vice-President will take oath first.

- The Chief Justice will administer Presidential oath

- Anti-Trump protest taking place in Washington

As an American political tradition presidential swearing in takes place on Jan 20 every four years no matters it rains hails or whatever the weather be in an outdoor ceremony outside the US Capitol.

The custom of swearing-in to be held on Jan 20 is nearly a century old as till 1933 the inauguration of the new president took place on March 4 to allow sufficient time to the new supreme.

The ceremony is a grand affair and includes nine major traditions that are regularly followed apart from celebrations and festivities.

The customs begin with the Morning Prayer that was started by President Roosevelt and followed by all president elects till date.

After the prayer, the incoming and the outgoing office holder meet briefly and proceed to the Capitol.

The ceremony follows including swearing in of Vice President takes place and this year Mike Pence from Indiana will swear in as VPOTUS. After this, the president-elect takes the oath and addresses the nation.

The outgoing president is given a bid adieu as he makes a high-profile exit.

The glitzy and glamorous inaugural ball is the last ceremony after lunch and inaugural parade. Donald Trump will also participate in the ball, and the number he put his feet on is still worked out.

TV telecast

The direct telecast of the ceremony can be watched on all the main TV networks including CNN, BBC, Sky, News Night, and Panorama apart from the local channels.

The audience can also opt for radio telecast and listen to the ceremony live.

Live streaming online

The oath ceremony will also stream live on Twitter and Facebook. The BBC news website and all the other main network websites will also stream the event live.

The ceremony is a gala event and not to be missed as this may be a turning point in American history. Trump has made many controversial statements during his campaign and had faced a lot of opposition before and after elections. His inauguration is also facing protest that includes Jennifer Holiday deciding not to sing for Trump’s inaugural ceremony.