The #New York Subway is a way of life – and a way to connect with life – for many New Yorkers, so it was all good when news broke on Monday that only the above ground stations and lines would close in this week's mammoth snowstorm Stella.

The subway underground would still be running, which mirrored the #Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s approach during a January 2016 snowstorm. Here, trains ran underground in order to keep some service. That strategy worked, as there was more than 26 inches of snow fell in Central Park, the second-largest snowfall on record in the city, and people could still get about relatively easily.

It was the first time New York's #aboveground stations and lines went to sleep whilst the underground ones kept ticking by. All in all, 196 stations closed, which counts for about 40 percent of the entire system's 469 stations.

Still, officials frequently urged New Yorkers to stay inside if possible, and many listened to the warning. But if people really needed it for emergencies then the subway provided an option.