New York City is worried about possible flooding due to rising sea levels because of Climate change. A section of people believes the melting of icebergs and glaciers are responsible for sea-level rise and it will have a direct effect on those residing in coastal regions. It might lead to the displacement of persons and loss of lives and properties. Indonesia plans to relocate its capital from Jakarta because of sea-level rise. Therefore, there is a need to take remedial action before a major disaster strikes. New York City is considering a proposal for constructing a six-mile-long sea wall around Manhattan Island.

It would be a long drawn activity but, once completed, it would ensure some degree of safety from the threats of floods. The city experienced the devastation unleashed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. It crippled life and damaged infrastructure.

Daily Mail UK says President Donald Trump heaped criticism on the proposal of building barriers around Manhattan Island for preventing damages from floods and storm surge due to climate change. In his opinion, it would not be a worthwhile exercise to construct such a wall.

It would cost billions of dollars and, in his words, it would “look terrible.”

Different faces of climate change

The uncertainties of climate keep the world guessing. It is said that it is an unpredictable entity and, in the world of today, in spite of having past data on various parameters, it is difficult to make any prediction.

That is why there are sudden typhoons, flash floods, and forest fires, which are results of climate change. In 2015, there was the Paris accord. It laid down certain guidelines to check global warming which has links to climate change. Anyway, Donald Trump has not signed it and the United States have yet to take a decision on the issue that happens to be a global problem.

Daily Mail UK presumes the remarks of the President referred to a piece of news in the media. It was about proposals under consideration by NYC to ensure the protection of the city from possible dangers due to climate change. The news report mentioned a number of proposals for protecting the coastlines of the US from rising sea levels due to climate change. One of these was to construct a six-mile-long wall. The US Army Engineers Corp put it up and they felt sea levels would rise 1.8ft by 2100.

However, New York City pegged the rise at a much higher level. Disputes apart, the fact remains that sea levels would rise. As is natural in such cases, there are two schools of thought. Some feel a wall would help while others disagree. Incidentally, in 2011, the Russian government built a dam to protect St. Petersburg from floodwaters.

Climate change and sea-level rise are interlinked

According to NBC New York, President Donald Trump has spoken up about the proposal of a seawall for New York City. He has ridiculed it. The proposal came from the Army Corps of Engineers. They felt such a barrier would minimize the effects of a storm similar to Hurricane Sandy. However, it would require finance to the extent of $119 billion and could take 25 years.

Replying to the President, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio reminded him that 44 lives were lost in the hurricane.

Droughts and bushfires are examples of climate change

In the recent past, there have been several instances of bushfires due to climate change. These have taken place in different parts of the world and are attributed to global warming. This is a direct fallout of ill-treatment of the environment by mankind apart from the use of fossil fuels that generate CO2. People cut down trees in the name of development and bring miseries upon themselves. The cascading effect is the loss of green cover that translates into the loss of habitat of animals, birds, and even man. In short, it leads to disruption of the ecological balance which is undesirable.