The National weather Service has cautioned the people about heavy snowfall in and around the New Jersey and New York region with possibilities of precipitation of up to 16 inches of snow. It will be difficult to Travel, and Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced the closure of all public schools in New York City on Wednesday. The Mayor has asked the people to be prepared for some unpredictable weather conditions.

New York Times reports that Mayor Bill de Blasio has issued necessary instructions to the sanitation department to make preparations for handling the snowstorm.

In order to take care of the homeless, “code blue” will be made effective which will provide them with more options for shelter during this inclement weather.

Authorities prepare to handle the storm

Travel will be a major problem and New Jersey Transit is expected to operate a limited weekday rail schedule. Bus and light rail lines in New Jersey will operate subject to suitable conditions during the snowstorm. The National Weather Service has warned about the likelihood of rough seas and coastal flooding in some areas of Long Island and New Jersey.

Flights will take a hit because cancellation of flights has been reported from Philadelphia International Airport.

This storm follows in the wake of nor’easters that have affected the power supply situation in some locations.

Households in New Jersey and the suburbs north of New York City were left without power for days. New Jersey Gov. Philip D. Murphy could declare a state of emergency if the weather condition worsens.

Is climate change to blame?

There is a thinking in certain quarters that climate change was responsible for the recent nor’easters that struck the East Coast.

The snowstorm likely to hit the New York region could also be attributed to this phenomenon. Weather is unpredictable and climate change throws all calculations haywire. It is a growing threat to the very survival of mankind and has to be assigned necessary priority.

Last year, the United States witnessed droughts and wildfires in California that have destroyed huge expanses of the green cover.

There were also three hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico that damaged the infrastructure. Those who formulate long-term plans should not ignore the messages.

According to Huffington Post, the snowstorm in the New York region will be the fourth nor’easter this season. It will be a combination of high-speed winds and precipitation that could lead to widespread coastal flooding and travel chaos. These weather conditions could be related to climate change which can intensify the strength of the nor’easters.