Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has done a huge service to society by trying to raise awareness on the subject of climate change. Her country feels she deserves recognition and two lawmakers in Sweden have nominated her for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. She was nominated last year as well. Greta has attended many international forums on the subject of climate change and has talked tough to leaders and politicians. She has earned criticism but the youth brigade is always at her side. They gather in large numbers at her meetings to extend support to her in her fight against the establishment.

The Economic Times says the two lawmakers who want Greta to get the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize are members of Sweden's Left Party. They say she has worked hard to make politicians realize the danger of turning a blind eye to the climate crisis that looms on the horizon. They have another argument in her favor. In their opinion, Greta’s message calls for the world to take suitable action to reduce emissions and comply with the Paris Agreement.

In short, it is an act of making peace with nature and the environment.

Entry of Greta Thunberg has brought momentum

The teenage climate activist hails from Sweden. She is campaigning for a ban on fossil fuels because it is a major factor responsible for global warming. To emphasize her point of view of moving away from fossil fuels, she used a sailboat to travel to America.

During her stay in America, Greta Thunberg got to know celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Leonardo DiCaprio. Arnold loaned her an electric car for her transportation. She met Barack Obama during her stay in the United States and Prince Charles at the World Economic Forum in Davos. She is against fossil fuels. When she went to attend COP25 summit on climate change in Madrid, she tied up with an Australian family and traveled in their catamaran.

It proves that one need not depend on flights to travel long distances.

The Economic Times elaborates on the 2015 landmark Paris climate deal. It wants the world to take suitable action to arrest global warming. This is because it melts the glaciers that, in turn, lead to a rise in sea levels and irregular patterns of rainfall. The Paris agreement defined certain limits for a rise in global temperatures and one method was to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and embrace alternatives. In 2019, Greta Thunberg was honored with “Author of the Year.” It was a compilation of her speeches.

Later that year she became Time magazine's “Person of the Year.”

Greta Thunberg and the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

According to the New York Post, two members of Sweden’s Left Party have nominated Greta Thunberg for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. They said that the 17-year-old Thunberg “has worked hard to make politicians open their eyes to the climate crisis.” In their opinion, her crusade to reduce emissions and comply with the Paris Agreement can be considered an act that deserves recognition. She has targeted the leaders and has been vocal at various international forums about the dangers of ignoring the important issue of climate change.

Greta Thunberg is the game-changer

The Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who used a sailboat to cross the Atlantic and land in the United States is a game-changer.

Within a very short time, she has proven to be a person who has the ability to motivate the youth. She has them on her side and they matter because they are the future citizens. They will have to bear with calamities associated with climate change like sea-level rise, droughts, and bushfires. That is why Greta Thunberg talks tough to people who matter. She accuses them of not doing enough to leave behind a safe world.