The world is preparing to welcome 2021. Those associated with the Travel and tourism industry are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for a revival. Coronavirus has ruined businesses linked with travel and tourism. These include hotels, restaurants, and tour operators which are considered to be the backbone of local economies. The contagious nature of the disease kept people indoors and airlines grounded their fleet while cruise ships dropped anchors in the ports. Fear of infection led to the evolution of the work-from-home culture and the roads were deserted.

Those in the know say hospitality industry would try to attract visitors because they would help boost their economies at all levels. There could be positive response to less traveled destinations and small-group tours and the charm for natural wonders will continue to remain. In the opinion of travel experts, the difficulties of 2020 are not expected to be there in 2021.

Star Tribune describes a few travel experiences that might become realities. A tourist witnessed a mass migration of innumerable wildebeest across the Serengeti plains in Tanzania. In the Galápagos Islands, there were pods of dolphins and albatross. They were in large numbers probably due to fewer visitors. Another favorite spot is Machu Picchu, a popular 15th-century Inca citadel.

As a tour operator says - "There's a gold mine out there, so to speak, in visiting previously over-touristed places and seeing them in all their glory.” In his opinion, small-ship cruises, with stops in smaller ports, will be in demand as cruising returns.

New norms for travel in 2021

A travel blogger feels travelers in 2021 would lean towards destinations that would be off the track like second-tier cities.

They could opt for fewer but longer vacations. They would prefer to avoid exposure to people and flights. In her words, the focus would be on sustainable tourism. Over tourism has affected the environment and the planet and the number of .people traveling in groups would increase. Star Tribune informs some airlines have reduced fares for obvious reasons.

The main issue is to travel. People have been cooped up in their homes. They want to move out of confinement, meet new sets of people and share their culture. Some countries have innovated and created air travel bubbles in order to attract tourists. This is a mutual understanding between two countries where coronavirus infection is in check. These countries offer quarantine free travel options to attract tourists. An air travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong is set to launch beyond December. A similar air travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand is also on the cards and could start in 2021

Uncertainty associated with travel in 2021

The travel industry is waiting for revival and hopes 2021 will be a turning point.

According to USA Today, the future of coronavirus is still uncertain because no one knows when travel bans would end. A survey indicates Americans would prefer to go in for domestic travel during the first half of the year. As to international travel, they think six months into the year would be a safe bet, provided a vaccine is available.

Travel is an integral part of living

In spite of the travel restrictions in 2020 due to coronavirus, people have to travel. It is an integral part of living. The reason is the inherent desire of people to connect. USA Today explains that they have to socialize and collaborate, to maintain and strengthen family bonds. Hence, they will rack their brains to come up with a solution. They have to, after all, remain visible and be a part of society. Experts say travelers would favor Airbnb usage over hotel stays and select road travel rather than air travel.