The doors of opportunity are opening up for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Los Angeles. They have signed up for public speaking with the Harry Walker agency. This is well known in the circle of Celebrities and represents the Obamas who have benefited financially from various public speaking engagements.

The royal couple wants financial independence and expects to make the best use of the Harry Walker link. Their inspiration appears to be the Obamas’ business model. They are aware of the potentials of public speaking and look at it as a source of future earnings.

Harry and Meghan have formally quit the royal family at the end of March, and are now in Los Angeles. Coronavirus has bought with it lockdown restrictions and they are planning for their future once the situation improves. Both are young and ambitious and Meghan is from the city. She is an actor and played in "Suits", a popular legal drama on TV and recently lent her voice to a Disney movie. As such, she has good contacts in the world of movies and entertainment.

Vanity Fair says ever since they landed in Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan have focused on their charities apart from activities related to the pandemic.

Their first major move is to sign up with the Harry Walker agency. It will help them to make their presence felt. There are many choices before them because public speaking covers different aspects of social life from after-dinner speaking to VIP meet and greets. These are moneymaking propositions they would love to exploit.

Meghan will follow tradition set by others

Royalty has glamour attached with it and can translate into financial gains. There are people who love to see themselves in the company of celebrities like Harry and Meghan. They would be following a tradition set by others. It seems the Duke and Duchess of Windsor attended functions in exchange of fees.

Incidentally, the couple would not talk on sensitive topics like the Royal Family or their decision to leave. They have already agreed to avoid embarrassing situations of the past.

Vanity Fair provides a glimpse of the topics they might prefer to talk about. These could be their new organization Archewell, community, racial justice, gender equality and mental health. Harry had set the pace for public speaking when he attended a JP Morgan event in Miami. That was in February. He discussed subjects like mental health and brought up personal experiences.

In his opinion, a personal touch gives authenticity.

Harry and Meghan to explore new options

According to News 18, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle plan to make it big in America. They have signed with a reputed agency for work associated with public speaking. The agency boasts of high stature clients like the Obamas, the Clintons, and Oprah Winfrey, the young couple would be in distinguished company. They had announced their plans in January to lead a more independent life and to finance it themselves. Right now, they live in Los Angeles with their one-year-old son Archie. The pair will speak together and individually. Those in the know say the profession is a lucrative one. It would fit in with their scheme of things.

Meghan Markle and Harry in Los Angeles

In December 2018, Meghan Markle had discussions with students on the subject of the empowerment of girls through higher education. In March 2020, Meghan Markle and Harry attended their last public engagements in Britain before quitting all royal duties. They wanted to be free to choose their lifestyle and decided to leave Britain. Later, in April 2020, Meghan and Harry were in Los Angeles distributing food to the needy.