Harry and Meghan stepped down from royal duties in March and, after a brief stay in Canada, arrived in the United States with their son Archie. They stayed in Los Angeles, which happens to be the hometown of Meghan and have moved into Santa Barbara County. They will now be among Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. A person in the know of things revealed to a media outlet that they moved into their family home in July of this year. It seems they have settled into the quiet privacy of their community. However, many questions remain unanswered. People are curious to know whether they bought it or took it on rent.

According to USA Today, there is no record available relating to any royal purchase of real estate in the recent past. The deal has been kept under wraps in view of the incidents associated with their Beverly Ridge Estates in the hills above Los Angeles. It seems drones tried to capture photos of baby Archie. This amounted to an invasion of privacy and Harry and Meghan have filed a lawsuit against unknown persons who probably wanted to use the photos for financial gains.

USA Today says the couple announced in January their intention to step down from royal duties and move out to North America.

They wanted their independence and privacy and also be away from the prying eyes of the media. Once in America, they have kept a low profile due to the ongoing coronavirus and associated restrictions on travel. They have shifted to Santa Barbara in July and have managed to keep it a secret until mid-August.

Santa Barbara is the new abode of Harry and Meghan

The “Suits” actor Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry have been on the move since January. USA Today says Santa Barbara is their fourth abode since January. The first was Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Castle estate, which was a gift from the Queen. After stepping down from royal duties, they left Britain and arrived on Vancouver Island in Canada with their son Archie.

From there, they headed for the United States after crossing the border before its closure due to the pandemic. Their first stop in America was Los Angeles and now they are in Santa Barbara. They have kept themselves busy in various activities. In April, soon after landing in Los Angeles, Meghan and Harry distributed food to the needy.

Harry and Meghan will be in the midst of celebrities

They had renovated the dilapidated Frogmore Cottage and it was a costly affair.

It came to around $2 million and Harry and Meghan agreed to pay that back. They want the freedom to lead lives in their way and become financially independent. Once they came to America, it was obvious that Meghan and Harry would settle down in the United States. The new location they have chosen could help them draw up strategies to achieve their objectives. USA Today explains Santa Barbara has been a much-liked destination for the rich and famous for more than a century. It is home to celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Drew Barrymore, Jeff Bridges, Kevin Costner etcetera. Being in such august company could open up new opportunities for the royal couple.

'The Chateau' in Montecito is the new address of Harry and Meghan

According to the Daily Mail UK, Harry and Meghan have purchased a mansion called "The Chateau" in Montecito. It is a two-hour drive from downtown Los Angeles and belonged to a Russian businessman. There were reports that they had acquired it with help from Prince Charles but that is not the case. They did not get any help from the family. The combined wealth of Harry and Meghan is estimated to be around $43 million and they can afford to buy such a property. It is located in a multi-million dollar neighborhood and designed for privacy, with long driveways and large gates.