Authorities in Indonesia want to attract tourists and have confirmed that the country is safe from coronavirus pandemic. The disease originated in China, and it is highly contagious. As a result, it has led to Travel restrictions, and many airlines have grounded their fleets. Italy had plans to ease lockdown and welcome tourists. Against this background, Indonesia wants to reopen its borders and welcome international visitors.

An official confirms the country is keeping track of the situation and is negotiating with its counterpart in Australia to create a travel bubble by September.

The official is Luhut Pandjaitan, and he says - "We have to select (countries) carefully, so I think Australia, New Zealand later on, China, of course, and maybe South Korea and Japan."

He made these comments to a section of the media in Jakarta. He went on to indicate that there is a need to understand the nature of assurance that each side would like to have. The official quoted figures to justify that his country was favorably placed in comparison to some other countries.

News AU says Luhut Pandjaitan explains that discipline is necessary to check the spread of the disease.

People have to be careful and take precautions to reduce the impact of COVID-19. That is important because medicine has yet to come to the market to cure this disease. Therefore, individuals must observe the guidelines that have been defined as personal hygiene, social distancing, etcetera.

Bali is already open for domestic tourists

Bali is an island in Indonesia, and it welcomed local tourists on July 31. Coronavirus has forced people to remain indoors and venture out only to get essential supplies. Travel to exotic destinations to enjoy the outdoors and mingle with others is taboo, and people are cooped up in their homes.

In April 2019, Mount Agung volcano in Bali erupted, and tourists were there at the time.

Right now, the tourism sector is in the doldrums and is waiting for the Midas touch. Opening the borders would certainly revive the sector. News AU says Phil Turtle, president of Australia Indonesia Business Council, feels a travel bubble might take some more time. In his opinion, it could materialize by the year-end.

Tourists want borders to reopen

News AU goes on to add that other countries are gradually reopening their borders to international travel.

Even America is lifting overseas travel restrictions for residents. When it comes to Australia, they are hesitant to move out. They want to remain within the confines of their own state or territory. Prime Minister Scott Morrison had expected the border restrictions could be lifted by July, but that did not happen because of the second wave in Victoria. Australia had been in talks of a travel bubble with New Zealand. However, the idea of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is to have such an understanding first with the Cook Islands.

Indonesia knows tourists are essential for its economy

According to Daily Mail UK, Indonesia is a favorite tourist destination and generates billions of dollars to the country's economy each year.

Last year it witnessed footfalls of nearly 16 million and Australia accounted for around 1.3 million. However, in coronavirus' current context, the tourism industry is severely handicapped because of travel embargos.

Every country is cautious because the disease has devastated the world, with millions of deaths and infections spreading like wildfire. Under the circumstances, the implementation of a travel bubble between Australia and Indonesia might not be feasible immediately. Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated closure of his country's international borders would continue for some more time, and it would take time for tourism to regain normalcy.