They have already stepped down as senior royals and after a brief stint in Canada, have relocated to Los Angeles. This is the hometown of Meghan Markle, a well-known actor. She acted in the TV legal drama “Suits” before she met Prince Harry. They later married, she became a member of the royal household, and is now a mother. However, the couple wanted to be free from the shackles of the glitter associated with the royalty. They are young, wanted to live a life of their own and be financially independent. That is the driving force and they are taking things in their stride.

Daily Mail UK says Meghan and Harry are busy rediscovering themselves in America. They plan to rewrite their lives and involve themselves in doing good deeds in the United States. They feel such activities are more important when compared to formal royal appearances back in Britain. That is why they distributed meals to the needy in Los Angeles. It was a part of the Project Angel Food charity. They have done the same for some critically ill residents in the city.

Both Meghan and Harry have seen life from close quarters and love to extend a helping hand to the needy. That is one of the reasons they undertake charity work and seldom miss an opportunity to do their good deed.

Meghan renews contact with the Hubb Community Kitchen

The Hubb kitchen, in North Kensington, has a special place in the life of Meghan Markle.

This was the first charitable project she supported when she was a member of the royal family. It was to encourage the women to produce a charity cookbook. The sale proceedings of the book would help them to expand the scope of their work. The women of Grenfell Towers provided meals to survivors of the fire that destroyed the tower and killed many residents and Meghan came out with a multi-cuisine cookbook.

Daily Mail UK mentions about rekindling the bonds when Meghan contacted the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen. She wanted them to begin a new service. Its purpose would be to provide home cooked meals to families in London who were struggling during the Coronavirus lockdown. In her words – “The spirit of the Hubb Community Kitchen has always been one of caring, giving back and helping those in need, initially in Grenfell and now throughout the UK.” She reminded them that community is all about sharing and added that one of London's largest food redistribution charities would supply them with necessary material.

The Hubb kitchen will have to produce 250-300 meals to families three days a week. StreetGames will handle the distribution. This happens to be one of the charitable organizations of the royal couple.

The voiceover in ‘Elephant’ and Meghan Markle

According to Express UK, the actor in Meghan is trying to come out in the open. She is the voiceover in the Disney documentary “Elephant” which is the story of a herd of elephants as it makes its way across the Kalahari Desert. Meghan, the “Suits” actor will appear in an exclusive interview with a popular US talk show to talk about the experience. The filmmakers felt she was the perfect choice for the role because of her passion for wildlife and conservation.

Meghan sees female empowerment in action as the matriarch decides the line of action that the others in the herd follow. She had signed the deal in lieu of a donation to wildlife charity, Elephants Without Borders. This organization is for conservation of wildlife and protection of the animals from poaching.

Harry and Meghan are confident of success

Harry and Meghan have moved away from the beaten track and chosen a new path. They are young parents and keen to prove their credentials to the world. Both of them have useful contacts that can play major roles in shaping their future. The bottom line is their determination to succeed. They have had an illustrious past and want to leave a mark on society.