Our Lives are a funny thing; they are always moving around us whether we like it or not. One of our most significant sources of happiness in life is whether we choose to be stagnant and continue to do the same old things, or whether we choose to progress. We were born to learn from every situation that happens to us. Our key to greatness in this world is our ability to thrive and prosper from every circumstance that we are placed in. There are upsides to everything, whether they are good or bad, the uncertainty of the situation lies in how we determine it.

What are mistakes?

Countless things are occurring in our lives on a daily basis, some are good, some are bad. Some of the bad things that happen in our lives are from our wrongdoings, commonly known as Mistakes. Then, later on, we can allow our mistakes to become disappointments, which is merely a mistake that we let ourselves to sit there and ponder over and not fix. The weight of disappointments is never worth carrying and will only hold us back in life.

If you ever feel down about it, don't feel bad, we all make mistakes, it is just part of life. I was disappointed in myself for treating my body horribly for so many years, and I was disappointed in myself for being a poor student growing up and barely graduating high school.

The list goes on and on, if you think you've made a lot of mistakes and disappointments in your life, I've made more.

What is the solution?

The key to overcoming disappointments in our lives is either moving on if there is nothing you can do to fix it, the weight of disappointment will continue to sit on your shoulders as long as you allow yourself to continue to carry it.

But if you can fix it, then fix it, for one of our key contributors to our overall quality of life is the ability to recover from Setbacks. Never allow your previous mistakes to determine your future, instead of wondering how it should've been, focus on how it can be, instead of how it could've been, focus on what you are capable of!

Stop screwing your neck up by looking at the past; it can't be changed, and you're not moving in that direction anyway. Our lives are not meant to be spent riding in the back seat, just allowing situations and life drive you around, you must be willing to get in the driver's seat, take control, ask the hard questions, and do what it takes to evolve and mold yourself into the best version of you! Emna Watson stated, "You are not what happened to you, you are what you choose to become." Always remember that there is no setback or mistake that you cannot recover from, for nothing is more resilient than the spirit that lies within each of us.