James Comey was the Cia Director when he was summarily sacked by the president Donald Trump while he was an official tour. Trump considered Comey to be a threat to him and he thought to sack him and stop him from creating trouble in the bud. But the ex CIA director is a thoroughly professional man and he made memos of all conversations with Trump. Now his biography is coming out, and it reportedly has some very interesting pieces about Trump. WSJ has reported that the contents of the book have infuriated the president and in a number of tweets, he has castigated Comey.

Dark innuendos

Comey's book will make interesting reading, but it reportedly contains dark innuendos and hints which show that Trump did something in Moscow in 2013 which he would like to be buried forever. From leaked reports of the book, one may be able to infer maybe Russians have something on Trump. This is related to the time he was in Moscow in 2013, and one wonders whether it was something to do with the golden showers incident.

Comey's book

To be fair to Comey reports indicate that he has nowhere stated explicitly that such events took place, but at the same time he has left the reader to draw his own conclusion. However, his one comment about Donald Trump being a liar is something that emerges from the book

The president is incensed with Comey who he feels is a slimy man.

By attacking the ex CIA director, the president appears to be the loser. Many will get the feeling that there is no smoke without fire and the president is trying to hide some facts

Most likely the book will be a bestseller, and that again won't be to the liking of Trump. The more people read the book, the more people will question as to what really happened between Trump and the Russians.

Generally, people are interested in salacious items and pages of the book dealing with Trump, and his character are going to be read by thousands.

Trump has been president for one and a half year, but the Russian connection does not seem to die away. Many eminent personalities have opined the Russians have something on Trump.

Last word

The president won a famous victory without winning the popular vote.

This is a fact of history and will remain so. This hurts him, and now the book of James Comey has added insult to injury. Trump would like to wish it away, but it's not happening, and hence he has mounted a vitriolic attack on the ex CIA director. In a way, these attacks show Trump is wondering how he can get the unsavory tales buried. His defense does not carry conviction. Comey in the meantime looks a lot more sure and confident.